Gold for the Slovenian Ravnjak and the American Gold in the Half-pipe at the Snowboard World Junior Championships in Sierra Nevada

The Snowboard World Junior Championships in Sierra Nevada continues this week with the participation of almost 300 riders from 36 different countries. Tuesday the Half-pipe and Parallel Giant Slalom finals took place. The champions of the Half-pipe (HP) were the Slovenian Ravnjak and the American Arielle Gold both won a Gold medal. In the Parallel Giant Slalom (PGS) were dominating the Russians and the Swiss. On Wednesday the Parallel Slalom (PSL) final will take place.

The Russian Valery Kolegov won the gold medal in the Parallel Giant Slalom and the Suisse Julie Zogg in the ladies categories.

Wednesday the Slovenian Tim-Kevin Ravnjac and the American Arielle Gold won in the Half-pipe the Snowboard World Junior Championships. Both of them were big favorites and won thanks to their good ratings in the classification on Monday. The Slovenian, however, had to fight for the gold medal he had only one point more than the Dutch Dimi de Jong (90 to 89) while the bronze was won with 80 points, the Russian Nikita Avtaneev, which surprised the big favorites, the Americans Brandon Davis and Kirby Kelly.

The competition of the ladies had less stories, as the American Gold lived up to its name and impose too well with 87 points, well ahead of the silver and bronze medal, which won both French. In the second step of the podium was placed Emma Bernard (78) and the third Lucile Lefebvre (67).

“It was very difficult to win. I did my best and I had only one point more than the Dutch, so I am very happy with this gold medal, for my team and me. The “pipe” of Sierra Nevada is amazing. It shows that they had worked a lot during these days.  The public was constantly encouraging us. Everything has been fantastic to compete,” said Slovenian, really pleased with his victory. In his round he made a Frontside 7, Cab 7, Frontside Air, Backside 5 and a impressive Frontside 10.


Today also saw the final of the Parallel Giant Slalom (PSG), which in the beginning were to compete a day later. The results have shown that in masculine categories the great masters are the Russians, while in the women categories are dominating the Swiss.

In this discipline two athletes were competing one beside another, in a parallel, for elimination, until they got to the last run. The gold medal in the men final was between the Russians Valery Kolegov and Dimitri Taimulin. The victory was very close just some milliseconds decide the winner: Kolegov with a time of 1m7s51 and Taimulin with 1m7s65. The bronze medal won Dimitri Bojko with 1m 10s82, who was running against the Korean Bong-Shik Shin who had 1m13s12.

The women’s competition was dominated by the Swiss. The final was between Julie Zogg and Stefanie Mueller.  The victory was for Zogg, with a time of 1m 6s87, while Mueller was well behind at 1m9s 6. The bronze medal won Aurange Elmilie French and the German Sabine Schoeffmann, the French lady won for more than a second: 1m 9s 58 by the German for 1m 10s71.

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