Hi riders!, Welcome to Sierra Nevada

From 22 March to 1 April 2012, Sierra Nevada ski resort will be hosting the second world championship in its history. Previously, in 1996, the World Alpine Skiing Championships brought about the transformation of Sierra Nevada into an international resort of reference in winter sports and now, even before it has taken place, the Junior World FIS Championship has again given rise to a new transformation, through the creation of a snowpark that has become an icon of freestyle during its two years of operation in its new location on Dílar Slope.
Since it was first opened, the Sulayr super snow park, where all the sports stadiums of this new championship are concentrated, has constantly generated positive news, allowing the skiing area in the resort to be reorganised and circulation for users to be improved, and converting Sierra Nevada into a magnificent setting for the more modern snow sport disciplines.
As a result, Sierra Nevada will be welcoming the best young sports enthusiasts from more than 30 countries, who are the future stars of these new disciplines.  The ski resort and the entire province of Granada now has a new opportunity to attract the attention of the world and exhibit all the potential of a region with tourist and sports destinations that are hard to find elsewhere.


From Sierra Nevada we welcome you to this magnificent resort that will welcome you as if you were their own riders.


More informattion of Sierra Nevada Ski Resort an Andalussian in english >>

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